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The beliefs of Hinduism, Sanatan Dharm

Hindus believe that all religions have a common goal of salvation, though their paths may vary and hence all paths deserve our respect and tolerance.

Hindus believe that to interpret religious teachings one has to first surrender to God by self-discipline, removing ones animal instinct, selfless service to mankind for only then the true meaning of the religious teachings is revealed and properly understood. You cannot just read books, do some rituals and proclaim to be religious.

Hindus believe that God is indescribable, formless, omnipotent and omnipresent. The belief in idol worship is only a means to communicate with the infinite by using something that is concrete to visualize, apply virtues and pay reverence to. Each idol, the deity is looked upon as either, the infinite God, the mother, father, child or beloved to enable communicating with the infinite with love and reverence just as we would with our loved ones.

Hindus believes in ahimsa, non-violence and that all life is sacred and deserves our respect. The truth about non-violence is often misunderstood as someone slaps you on one cheek, you show the other. The true meaning of non-violence can only be understood by a realized soul. All we can strive is to remove hatred from our minds. Fighting for a righteous cause that benefits mankind is justified, fighting for ones own self-defense is justified, fighting to save ones family is justified, fighting against injustice through proper means is justified, however there is always a very thin line between what is justified and what is not. For most of us we can only try to do the right thing and pray to God to keep us from becoming selfish and justifying violence for ourself or others.

Hindus believe in karma, such that every action has a reaction. Good or right  actions yield goodness and wrong or bad actions yield all negative things. The fact that we are our minds is strongly taught in all Hindu teachings and hence the rituals to keep the mind occupied and focused on the higher goals of spirituality and goodness for mankind.

Hindus believe in reincarnation of the soul and that ties to the principle of Karma. Each birth of the soul is an opportunity for self-realization and achieving liberation. We perfect ourselves birth after birth to reach the goal of merging with the infinite.

Hindus believe that the four Vedas – Rig, Yejur, Sama and Atharva are divinity’s message to humankind. The early thinkers and seers who could realize God, were able to transfer that knowledge generations after generations through verbal and written texts. The Vedas are considered the final authority on the teachings of Sanatan Dharma.