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Isha Upanishad – ईशोपनिषद्

॥ शान्तिपाठ ॥

ॐ पूर्णमदः पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात्पूर्णमुदच्यते ।
पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवावशिष्यते ।।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ।।
That is complete, this is complete, from That complete This complete has become manifested, what remains after negating completeness is also complete. OM Peace Peace Peace be unto us all.

(The One is Brahman, the omnipresent, omniscient and indescribable that has become this universe as we see it and at the same time is much more profound than just this universe for everything has come out of It. It is in everything yet It is not limited by what we see and perceive. For the Brahman can only be realized, It cannot be described. OM Peace Peace Peace be unto us all.)

ॐ ईशावास्यमिदं सर्वं यक्तिञ्च जगत्यां जगत् । तेन त्येक्तेन भुञ्जीथा मा गृधः कस्यास्विद्धनम ।। १ ।।
Everything must be pervaded, covered by the Lord (Brahman), even the world that keeps changing (the repeated cycle of creation, preservation and destruction), rejoice, enjoy in knowing this, not coveting the wealth of others, for whose is that wealth?

कुर्वन्नेवेह कर्माणि जिजीविषेच्छतँ समाः । एवं त्वयि नान्यथेतोऽस्ति न कर्म लिप्यते नरे ।। २ ।।
(Thus knowing the above) Keep doing your work (unattached) even if one desires to live for a 100 years, for there is no other way than this, the work, action (you thus do) will not cling to man (causing more karma)

असुर्या नाम ते लोका अन्धेन तमसाऽवृताः । ताँस्ते प्रेत्याभिगच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः ।। ३ ।।
Slayers of the self (because of the ignorance of the real nature of Atman, some think shortening of life, their body and mind will give liberation instead of cultivating strength of mind, doing unattached work and attaining the true knowledge of Brahman. Same for the people who kill others, not realizing that we are all one Brahman, thus slaying their own self.) go to the demonic worlds of ignorance, that are sunless, (ignorance as gathered in ones lifetime because of the pain, gloom and confusion they carry in their mind at death) covered with blinding darkness (without a way of knowing the Truth other than by taking more births with worse impressions and living through that karma) after death.

अनेजदेकं मनसो जवीयो नैनद्देवा आप्नुवन्पुर्वमर्षत् । तद्धावतोऽन्यानत्येत तिषतस्मिन्नपो मातरिक्ष्वा दधाति ।। ४ ।।
That unmoving One is swifter than the mind. The Lord of senses (the 5 senses of sight, sounds, smell, taste and touch) cannot reach it in their swiftest movements. By standing still, it outruns all who try to run (after it using material or worldly senses once cannot run behind Brahman, for it will outrun you again and again, because it is all pervading and beside you, above you, under you, behind, in front and inside you. You have to realize it to know it.) Matarikshva is thus firmly established in it. (Matarikshva – the divine life power – water, atmosphere that sustains and covers the mortal world)

तदेजति तन्नैजति तद्दूरे तद्वन्तिके तदन्तरस्य सर्वस्यास्य बाह्यतः ।। ५ ।।
That (Brahman) moves and moves not, That is near and the same is far, That is within all this and That also is outside all this. (All-pervading Brahman)

यस्तु सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मन्येवानुपश्यति । सर्वभूतेषु चात्मानं ततो न विजुगुप्सते ।। ६ ।।
He who sees all beings in the Self and the Self in all beings, will never turn away from the Self (How can you hate, be angry with oneself? For everything within and outside is your own creation, for you are Brahman. Knowing that all is Brahman, there is no other self that you can turn away from and hence the notion of we are all One the same Brahman that is within and without)

यस्मिन्सर्वाणि भूतान्यात्मैवाभूद्विजानतः । तत्र को मोहः कः शोक एकत्वमनुपश्यतः ।। ७ ।।
He who sees this, all beings in his own Self (become One), how can he be deluded and have grief when he sees the oneness (of the Self)?

स पर्यगाच्छुक्रमकायमव्रणमस्नाविरं शुद्धमपापविद्धम् । कविर्मनीषी परिभूः स्वयमभूर्याथातथ्यतोऽर्थान् व्यदधदाच्छाश्वतिभ्यः समाभ्यः ।। ८ ।।
He that is all pervading, radiant, bodiless, spotless, pure, untouched by sin, unpierced by evil. The seer the thinker that has become everywhere, transcendent, self-existant, has created this world by assigning order to everything by nature for eternal years.

अन्धं तमः प्रविशान्ति येऽविधामूपासते । ततो भूय इव ते तमो य उ विधायाँ रताः ।। ९ ।।
The ones with Avidya (ignorance) enter into darkness and the ones who delight in their (Vidya) knowledge fall into greater darkness. (Knowledge and ignorance both have their own distinct outcomes)

अन्यदेवाहुर्विधयाऽन्यदाहुर्विधया इति शुश्रुम धीराणां ये नस्तद्विचचक्षिरे ।। १० ।।
Distinct are the results of Avidya and Vidya, attaining different ends, so we are told by the wise men who taught this.

विधां चविधां च यस्तद्वेदोभयाँ सह । अविधया मृत्युं तिर्त्वा विधयामृतमश्रुते ।। ११ ।।
He who knows both Vidya and Avidya is That One (Brahman), crosses death by Avidya and attains immortality by Vidya.

अन्धं तमः प्रविशान्ति येऽसम्भूतिमुपासते । ततो भूय इव ते तमो य उ सम्भूत्याँ रताः ।। १२ ।।
They fall into blinding darkness who worship the un-manifest and still further darkness who worship the manifest.

अन्यदेवाहुः सम्भवादन्यदाहुरसम्भवात् । इति शुश्रुम धीराणां ये नस्तद्विचचक्षिरे ।। १३ ।।
Distinct ends are met by the worship of the un-manifest and the manifest, so we have heard from the wise men who have taught us.

सम्भूतिं च विनाशं च यस्तद्वेदोभयँ सह। विनाशेन मृत्युं तिर्त्वा सम्भूत्याऽमृतमश्नुते ।। १४ ।।
He who understand the manifest and un-manifest are One (for there is no birth and death, the soul is eternal), cross death through knowledge of the manifest and attains life immortal through knowledge of the manifest.

हिरण्मयेन पात्रेण सत्यस्यापिहितं मुखम् । तत्त्वं पूषन्नपावृणु सत्यधर्माय दृष्टये ।। १५ ।।
The face of Truth is covered with a golden disc, O Pushan uncover that, so I who worship the Truth can see it.

पूषन्नेकर्षे यम सूर्य प्राजापत्या व्यूह रशमीन् समूह । तेजो यत्ते रूपं कल्याणतमं तत्ते पश्यामि योऽसावसौ पुरूषः सोऽहमस्मि ।। १६ ।।
O’ Pushan, O’ sole Seer, O’ Controller, O illuminating Sun, O’ power of the Lord of all creatures, gather your rays, the Lustre which is your most blessed, beautiful form of all, that in You I behold myself for You are is no other than I.

वायुरनिलममृतमथेदं भस्मान्तँ शरीरम् । ॐ क्रतो स्मर कृतँ स्मर कृतो स्मर कृतँ स्मर ।। १७ ।।
The Breath returns to the immortal Life (Brahman), while for the body ashes are the end. OM! O Will remember that which was done, remember! O Will, remember, that which was done, remember.

अग्ने नय सुपथा राये अस्मान् विश्वानि देव वयुनानि विद्वान् । युयोधयस्मज्जुहुराणमेनो भूयिष्ठां ते नम उक्तिं विधेम ।। १८ ।।
O Lord Agni, knowing all that are manifested, lead us to the path of prosperity, remove from us the evil vice (devious attraction of sin) that leads us astray. We offer you our highest worship.

The above is written with a self understanding from the translations of Shri Shankar and Shir Aurobindo. I pray to the Lord to forgive me for any mistakes in my interpretation of such a divine scripture. May you all find True knowledge and thereby peace in the study of Vedas and the Upanishads.