Hinduism simplified for today's generation

Divine Love

radha-and-krishnaDivine Love cannot be described, it has to be experienced. It is just like religion, happiness, sadness that cannot be described but have to be experienced. Writing about divine Love is really difficult because I myself haven’t experienced it yet. I aspire to realize divine Love someday and describe it to you. Our scriptures say that divine Love is nothing other than Brahman, self-realization and that Brahman in itself is so profound and infinite that it cannot be described in a worldly language or feeling. For everything is Brahman. So, who are you loving? Your own Self. So, this begs the question. How do I experience this divine Love? How do we know how Radha Loved Shri Krishna and Shri Krishna Loved Radha and that Shri Ram Loved Sita and Sita Loved Shri Ram and that their Love was eternal, selfless and hence divine? Well, we tell that based on our intellect, our own emotions. When we read about Love between Radha and Krishna, it kindles in our hearts a fire that has the soft and mild heat that stirs within us a feeling and gives us a short glimpse of what divine Love is. This is still a very personal feeling, but almost everybody, male or female seems to feel some kind of feeling in their hearts that can be termed as happiness, joy, something sublime that cannot be explained or described. For our worldly explanation of Love, multiply this feeling a million times and imagine that to be divinity, self-realization. Does that intrigue you? Does that make you want to feel divine Love? I certainly want to experience that. Here are ways to increase this feeling of Love in an attempt to self-realization:

Take a pause and reflect on the feeling thinking about Radha and Krishna, Ram and Sita.

Know that the feeling described above is distinctly different from want of sexual union or sexual attraction. The want to sexual union while is a pure feeling, we usually contaminate it with Lust (selfish greed to satisfy ones own senses or body). So, don’t fool yourself.

Cultivate bhava – Everyday when you wake up, with your eyes closed think about the glories of the Lord, the virtues associated with Godliness, the stories of Krishna and Radha and Ram and Sita and observe the feeling that emanates from your heart. Try to focus on that feeling and imagine it is spreading all over your body. If you don’t feel anything, thats ok. Just keep trying, If you can feel something but it isn’t as intense, that’s ok too, keep practicing. If you feel intense emotions, and that makes you cry, thats ok too, just cry it out. You will know your practice is going well when you can feel sympathy, empathy, generosity, kindness, calmness and peace of mind. Keep at it ….

Listen to devotional songs, sing and dance – Bhakti geet, kirtan are amazing tools to get lost in the Lord. When we sing, chant and dance, we forget everything around us, it is just us and our higher Self experiencing a kind of joy, deeply personal and deeply refreshing. While most people are too self conscious to do these things, try and find a temple or group who sing and dance to kirtan of the Lord together. Absorb the experience and feeling that comes from listening to devotional songs, singing and dancing for the Lord.

Cultivate kindness – Look around you, be kind to other people. Being kind doesn’t mean you have to tolerate injustice. As Shri Ramaksrishna say, to the wicked you have to hiss just as a snake hisses in self defense but dont put your venom into others. Kindness means not putting that venom into others. For the ones who feel close, take care of them, for the ones who you don’t feel as close show indifference rather than hatred and for the wicked hiss. Cultivating kindness will increase the sublime feeling in your heart and give you fast spiritual progress.

These are just a few ways to experience divine love there are many more. The more you practice, you will come to realize that almost everything you do selflessly will give you the same joy, the experience of divine love.


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