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How-to on Puja table and place of worship in small homes

I find it hard to believe that the is no definitive site on the internet that gives advice on how to setup a small puja table or a place for worship in a small home. There is so much talk about Vastu that people are forgetting the very fact that worship is from the mind and the heart. It is absolutely Ok to ignore directions and placements and other earthly things.


The only guidance I can provide is to keep the place of worship clean, the idols and objects of worship neat and tidy following basic aesthetics. Keep the area in and around the place of worship uncluttered and only use that space – it maybe a corner of a room or a small shelf inside a cupboard – when saying prayers or remembering God. Light a small oil lamp or a candle to keep the area illuminated. Be careful of fire in closed space. Safety comes first. I recommend keeping the number of idols and photos of deities to a minimum. Devote yourself to just a few deities and during worship ask your prayers to be disseminated to all deities, illumined souls and your ancestors. Just the mere observance of a few basic things that are common sense and intuitive is enough to set up a puja table and a place of worship. Remember the most important thing is your devotion and your prayers. Let them come from your heart and you will find peace and harmony in everything you do.