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Quality of meditation

There are so many distractions when you meditate. These distractions are normal. The search for complete silence, stillness and presence at the same time is long and hard. But dont get disheartened. The quality of meditation keeps growing day after day. Even the days when you feel like you are sitting there and there are thousands of thoughts flowing through, even on those days you are making progress. The key is regularity and perseverance. On the days when you feel you had a disturbed session of mediation thank God and all the masters you pray to. Ask them for giving you success and next day try again. If you can keep doing your sittings everyday, day after day, then the goal is not far away. It will happen to you and you wont realise how mediation has changed your life. May God Bless us all with success in our mediations.


The 12 sec meditation

Did you know that 12 sec can change your life? In Raja Yoga keeping unbroken focus or fixing the mind on an object external or internal to ones body for 12 sec is called “dharna”. Another 12 such “dharna” of unbroken concentration on that object leads to “dhyana” and 12 such “dhyana” leads to Samadhi. Imagine 28 min to Samadhi. Yes, and it is possible. The Hindu scriptures say everyone is born with the skillset and the capacity to reach Samadhi and liberate themselves from the vicious cycle of birth and death. The idea is simplified. But then there is a possibility and hope. When faith is multiplied with hope then the possibility increases exponentially. Every day of mediation even 1 sec or microsecond of concentration will add up. Just like the drops of rain make and ocean. Eventually you will get there in this lifetime or another. The question is: can you can spare 12 sec a day for mediation, an infinitesimal unit of time with so much potential! OM