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Various Moods of Gajanan Maharaj

The behavior of saints cannot be comprehended by worldly people. Saints exist in a different level of awareness than the common man. Where the mind of a common man is conditioned by his environment and the society, the mind of a Saint has gone beyond the worldly conditioning into the pure consciousness. Most people would have taken Gajanan Maharaj to be a mad man. Gajanan Maharaj used to roam naked absorbed in divine contemplation. His only possessions were his chilum and a pot to drink water. Bankatlal Agrawal and Damodar Pant were the first to have spotted this saint sitting under a tree eating left-overs from leaf plates thrown away by Devidas Puturkar’s family during a function.
Anyone could have taken Gajanan Maharaj to be a beggar but Bankatlal and Damodar Pant were naturally attracted to this lustrous being. With immense pity Bankatlal and Damodar asked Devidas to provide a plate of food to Gajanan Maharaj. Sri Maharaj ate the food with great relish. After that Shri Maharaj drank water from a tank that was meant for cattle. The lesson Shri Maharaj teach us by this behavior is that everything is Brahma. God is in everything and everyone around us. We should not differentiate people based on their external appearance because in essence we are all made in the image of the same Brahman, infinite Divinity. Food, water and everything around us is permeated with Omnipotent and Omniscient God.