Hinduism simplified for today's generation


  1. Having polished the mirror of my heartwith the dust of my Guru’s feet
  2. I sing the pure fame of the Lord of Raghus
    which bestows the four fruits of life
  3. Knowing this body devoid of intelligence,
    I recall the son of the Wind
  4. Grant me strength, wit and wisdom
    and remove my sorrow and short comings
  5. Victory to Hanuman ocean of wisdom and virtue
    Hail Monkey Lord, illuminator of the three worlds
  6. Ram’s emissary, abode of matchless power
    Anjani’s son, named Son of Wind
  7. Great Hero mighty as thunderbolt
    remover of evil thoughts and companion of the good
  8. Golden-hued and splendidly adorned
    with heavy earrings and curly locks
  9. In your hands shine mace and banner
    a sacred thread of munja grass adorns your shoulder
  10. You are Shiva’s son and Keshari’s joy
    your glory is revered throughout the world
  11. Supremely wise, virtuous and clever
    you are always intent on Ram’s work
  12. You delight in hearing of the Lords deeds,
    Ram, Lakshman and Sita dwell in your heart
  13. Assuming tiny form you appeared to Sita,
    and in an awesome guise you burned Lanka
  14. Taking dreadful form you slaughtered demons
    and completed Ram’s mission
  15. Brining magical herb you revived Lakshman
    and Ram embraced you with delight
  16. Greatly did the Raghu praise you-
    “Brother you are as dear to me as Bharat!”
  17. “May the thousand-mouthed serpent sing your fame”
    so saying Sri’s Lord drew you to himself
  18. Sanak and the sages, Brahma, Gods and great saints
    Narad, Saraswati and the king of serpents
  19. Yama, Kuber and the guardians of four quadrants
    poets and scholars now can express your glory
  20. You rendered great service to Sugriva
    presenting him to Ram, you gave him kingship
  21. Vibhashan heeded your counsel
    and became Lord of Lanka as all the worlds know
  22. Though the sun is thousand miles away
    you swallowed it thinking it a sweet fruit
  23. Holding the Lord’s ring in your mouth
    it is no surprise you leapt the ocean
  24. Every arduous task in this worldbecomes easy by your grace
  25. You are the guardian of Ram’s doornone enters without your leave
  26. Taking refuge in you one finds all delight
    those you protect know no fear
  27. You alone can withstand your own splendorthe three worlds tremble at your roar
  28. Ghosts and goblins cannot come near
    Great Hero, when your name is uttered
  29. All disease and pain is eradicated,
    brave Hanuman by constant repetition of your name
  30. Hanuman releases from affliction
    those who remember him in thought word and deed
  31. Ram the renunciant reigns over all
    you carry out his every task
  32. One who brings any earning to you
    obtains the fruit of abundant life
  33. Your splendor fills the four ages
    your glory is famed throughout the world
  34. You are the guardian of saints and sages
    the destroyer of demons, the darling of Ram
  35. You grant 8 powers and 9 treasures
    by the boon you received from mother Janaki
  36. You hold the elixir of Ram’s name
    and remain eternally his servant
  37. Singing your praise one finds Ram
    and the sorrow of countless lives are destroyed
  38. At death one goes to Ram’s own abode
    born there as God’s devotee
  39. Give no thought to any other deity
    worshiping Hanuman one finds all delight
  40. All affliction ceases, all pain is removed
    by remembering the mighty hero Hanuman
  41. Victory, victory, victory to Hanuman
    be merciful even as is the divine master
  42. Whoever recites this a hundred times
    is released from bondage and gains bliss
  43. One who reads this Hanuman chalisa
    gains success – Gauri’s Lord bears witness
  44. Says Tulsidas, Hari’s constant servant“Lord make thy encampment in my Heart”
  45. Son of Wind, banisher of sorrow
    and embodiment of blessing
  46. Dwell in my heart, kind of Gods,
    together with Ram, Lakshman and Sita
  47. Son of wind, embodiment of all blessings
    you destroy the root of all that is harmful and inauspicious in our lives
    Shree Ram, Hail Ram, Victory, Victory Ram
    Shree Ram, Hail Ram, Victory, Victory Ram

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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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